The Birth

Projections to the Latin American Flag

– Carry the Latin American Flag throughout the United States.

– Perform Ceremonies to Hoist the Latin American Flag in the Municipalities of each City in the United States where Latino communities live.

– Present the Flag to the different Organizations that work for the Latino community in the United States.

– In the United States we are more than 65 million Latinos of which 36 million would be eligible to vote in the next elections of 2024.

– Of those 36 million Latinos eligible to vote, less than half exercise their right to vote.

– Promote and raise awareness among the nearly 36 million Latinos eligible to vote of the importance and power we have if the majority of us register and go out to vote.

Latin America and the rest of the world

– Present and Perform Hoisting Ceremonies in the Governments of each of our countries in Latin America.

– Carry and present the Flag in the European countries where Latin American communities live.

– Create the Parks of Latin America in the United States, Latin America, and the rest of the world.

– Strengthen the concept of Latin America as the Great and Beloved Homeland as a single economic bloc with a single currency, just as Europe had to unite to strengthen its economy and face future challenges.

Larry D’Arrigo