The Birth

Creation of the Latinamerican Flag

The artistic and multi-color design of the “Latin American Flag” was created out of the need to have a symbol that represents our beloved Latin American continent and the growing Latin population in the United States and the rest of the world.

The big social movements of our history always had a symbol of unity that represents them in their struggles during their process of transforming the world. People that march carrying a symbol, a single flag, are people that demonstrate their historical, social, cultural, and philosophical unity. Only through our unity, we will make Latin America big. However, the complex diversity of our community could not be represented in just one symbol; this flag had to reunite all the emblems of each one of the Latin American countries to allow the citizens of each one of our countries to feel identified with their symbols and at the same time allowing all of us to know each other better, strengthening our ties of unity and solidarity.

After several studies about the importance to unify and strengthen our Latin community and after several designs, it was possible to bring together all the flags of Latin America in a single flag.

This is how the “Latin American Flag” was born to pay homage to our Latin culture and our diversity.

Larry D’Arrigo