Latinos in USA

Latinos in the United States support two major economies 1

To be Latino in the United States implies a double sacrifice, we work twice as hard in many cases, twice the learning process, twice the process of adaptation, and at the same time, support with our jobs two economic systems: the economic system of the United States, the country that gave us refuge (according to the magazine Hispanic Business, in 2022 Latinos businesses moved more than the US $800,000 thousand of millions), and the Latin American system where our families live.

In 2022, Latinos sent a total of more than US $146,000 million dollars to their families in Latin America to represent an important economic help to our families and to the economy of each county in Latin America. In some countries of Central America, South America, and the Caribbean, these monies represent a good source of income. One of the most benefited countries is Mexico where the money sent from the United States, plays a major role in the Mexican economic system.

Let us keep in mind that one of the great commercial partners of the United States is Latin America, it is easy to understand that Latin America will consume American products, and part of the money that we send there will return to enrich the United States economy.

Larry D’Arrigo