Latinos in USA

My personal experience

The research and study to create the “Latin American flag” has shown me the greatness of out beloved native country. To love not only my Peruvian flag, but also to love and understand each one of the flags of our countries. Like any other citizen of Latin America, I came to this country proud of the colors of my flag, but sharing life and experiences with citizens of Latin America and in the process of analysis to study their history, I learned what the symbols of each one of our flags represent. I learned about courage, honor, struggles for liberty and the sacrifices to build free nations and sovereign governments that are Latin America today.

Now I feel that my country is not only Peru but that all of Latin America is my big beloved native country and I feel it as mine as my own country. It is a wonderful feeling, to know that my family grew and that in spite of its diversity, I can rejoice with my Latin brothers in each region that I travel visit.
In the same way that we love our Latin American brothers, we also want to work to solidify the Latin American Union. We want to think of a future for one Latin America that relies in our own efforts and sacrifices.

I came to the United States with my own dreams, but today I feel that my dreams have grown bigger and that it is the dream of many to continue forward to add my little contribution in the consolidation of Latin American the big native country. I also want to see that my Latino brothers in the United States, achieve their emotional and economic stability with a just immigration reform. Even if times turn difficult we will continue to struggle, convinced that all our dreams will become reality.

Larry D’Arrigo