The Birth

History of the Latin American Flag

After years of research into the need to have a symbol that represents all the nations of the Latin American continent, the Latin American Flag was created.
The flag will carry the pride of our national symbols, of the unity and strength of our continent and our community to all corners of the United States, Latin America, and the rest of the world where Latin American communities live
The flag is embraced and acclaimed by Politicians and Institutions like:

- 2009 Brian Stack, Union City Mayor, New Jersey 
- 2010 Joe Torres, Paterson City Mayor New Jersey
- 2010 Jerramiah Healy, Jersey City Mayor, New Jersey
- 2010 Helen Marshal, Queens Borough President
- 2011 Marty Markowitz, Brooklyn Borough President 
- 2011 Scott Stringer, Manhattan Borough President 
- 2011 The Colombian Civic Center 
- 2012 NYC Hispanic Parade Fifth Avenue 
- 2012 Nydia Velazquez USA Congresswoman 
- 2012 Ray Kelly Commissioner NYPD 
- 2013 Lulac, Queens Council
- 2013 Peruanos en Accion New York 
- 2014 Brooklyn Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
- 2014 NYC Hispanic Parade Fifth Avenue
- 2015 NYC Hispanic Parade Fifth Avenue
- 2015 Brooklyn Puerto Rican Parade
- 2016 Museum of Queens, of New York 
- 2017 Queens Hispanic Parade New York
- 2018 Queens Hispanic Parade New York 
- 2018 NYC Hispanic Parade Fifth Avenue 
- 2018 US Citizenship and Immigration Services of New York (USCIS) Latin American Flag Presentation 
- 2019 NYC Hispanic Parade Fifth Avenue.

The Proclamations that show the cities where the flag was raised so far and declared the official flag of the Latin community.

D’Arrigo has received multiple Awards both from the US Congress and from the Major cities in New York and New Jersey where the Mayors have proclaimed and raised one of his masterpieces the “Latin American Flag”. 
The flag has been acclaimed as the greatest artistic creation for the Latin community and it has flown under the New York and New Jersey sky for several weeks. In each of these cities a day or a week was dedicated to the flag.

The City of Paterson, New Jersey. declared May 22, 2010 as the “Larry D’Arrigo Day".

The new flag has had extensive coverage at the international level through different media such as:

El Comercio, Main Peruvian newspaper says: “The Peruvian artist, D’Arrigo, has accomplished a labor of love and altruism for the Latin American Community.”

El Diario la Prensa, Main Hispanic newspaper of New York says: “Peruvian artist designs a flag that symbolizes the Latin American Unity.

El Diario de Mexico says: “It is a great Flag.”

Associated Press Main World news agency says: “Larry D'Arrigo does not pretend to be Simon Bolivar, but with his work he expects to bring the Latin American unity among the millions of Hispanics that live in the USA.”

El Salvador Magazine from El Salvador says: “The Latin American Flag created by D’Arrigo is a Masterpiece for Latin America.”

Metro and Publimetro International newspaper from Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, USA, say: “Peruvian in New York, designs a flag to unite the Latin Community.”

El Pais Main Spain main newspaper says: “ Peruvian proposes unifying Latin American Flag.”

Univision TV Main USA Hispanic Channel says: “The Latin American Flag is one of the great works of Latin American Art.”

Azteca America one of the Main Mexico Channel dice: "La bandera Latinoamericana disenada por Larry D'Arrigo es un simbolo para la unidad Latina"

Forest Hills Magazine of Queens New York says: “Que bonita bandera”

The Queens Chronicle weekly newspaper of Queens, NY says: “Its a Wonderful Emblem for Latinos”

Larry D'Arrigo