Latinos in USA

High fertility index to sustain the population growth

When we speak of the growth of a population, fertility is a key factor. In 2005, the fertility index (average number of children for one family) was 1.7 for Asian women, 1.8 for white non-Hispanic women, 2.0 for Afro-American women, and 2.9 for Latin women.

The key to understanding the impact of these differences is to understand that it is necessary to have a fertility index of 2.1 to sustain the growth of any group of people in the world based on births alone.

We can conclude, therefore, that Latinos are the only ethnic group with sufficient births to grow and sustain the density of their population depending on births only.
Demographic studies show that the Latin population grows at a constant rate and higher than that of other groups.

According to projections, the Hispanic population grows at an annual rate of 3.4%, the Asian population grows at a rate of 3.2%, Afro-Americans grow at the rate of 1.3% and whites non-Hispanic grow at a rate of 0.3%.

Larry D’Arrigo