The Birth

Larry D’Arrigo

He was born in the city of Callao, Peru. He studied drawing and painting at the School of Fine Arts of Lima-Peru between (1980-1987) and studied sculpture at the Art Student League New York between (2009-2016).

In 1999 he was invited to exhibit his work in New York, a city that embraced his work and where he has lived since then.

Already in New York, the encounter with all the world cultures led him to travel through the worlds of Surrealism, Superrealism Architecture, and Magical Realism. These experiences drive D’Arigo to express in his art the yearning for his homeland.

D’Arrigo says: “My painting is based on dreamlike elements and spaces. I work on my fantasies and dreams starting from reality, trying to find a balance between what we long for and what sometimes we cannot achieve.

My work travels between historical settings, and open or closed landscapes that gradually transform into surreal, labyrinthine scenes and sometimes silent, with soft and vibrant colors.

In my sculptures, I represent characters always standing tall, erect, and triumphant. They are beings who have overcome all problems and remain invincible and always upright, in triumphant poses.

In New York, D’Arrigo meets with scholars of Latino culture and experiences the Latin American sentiment and the need for a symbol that speaks of the beauty, color, culture, unity, peace, and brotherhood of the Latino people. So it was that he designed the Latin American Flag as a tribute to Latin Culture.

He says: I have created the Latin American flag out of the need for a symbol that represents our beloved Latin American continent and the growing Latino population in the United States and in the rest of the world.
The new flag has had extensive coverage nationally and internationally through various outlets.

Associated Press says; Larry D’Arrigo does not pretend to be Simón Bolívar, but with his creation, he hopes to achieve the unity of the Latin American continent and the millions of Latinos living in the United States.